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A/C Repair

Our technician (Ben) was very professional and knowledgeable when it came to determining the problem and ensuring it was completely repaired.

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for adelphi, md

Ben A.

Ben A. Job Checkin

Installed new expansion tank, pressure reducing valve, and backflow preventer on boiler system. Set system pressure and checked for leaks. Checked zone and heat operation.

Mike  L.

Mike L. Job Checkin

Performed seasonal maintenance.

Thomas  J.

Thomas J. Job Checkin

Performed cooling maintenance on 2 units.

Ben A.

Ben A. Job Checkin

Performed thorough evaporator coil cleaning with brushes, vacuum, chemicals, and hot water. Tested drainage and operation. Cooling is working on an 18degF deltaT, 80 degF liquid, and 54degF suction line. Indoor capacitor value is acceptable at 6.96/7.5uf.

Ben A.

Ben A. Job Checkin

Chemically cleaned coil.